Workout Log, Day 1 (of Restart Number WhoEvenKnows)

Two weeks ago, I went running. I was sore for a couple of days after, and it was far harder than I wanted it to be, but I told myself I’d use that as motivation to continue working out and get back in shape. … I ran once on my treadmill a few days later and then stopped. Efforts to get myself back on track failed.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I joked to my dad that I was going to walk the mile to his house, but I ended up driving. Because I’m lazy. But it felt bad – really, really bad. So today, I told him that I was going to walk it – and I did. Never mind that I had a backpack full of stuff (10 cans of club soda, shopping bags, etc.). I walked the mile, and it took me 16 minutes, but I did it. I arrived at my parents’ house tired, hiccuping from my erratic breathing, and… feeling good. It was exertion, yes, but it wasn’t overwhelming. After some rest, I felt up to walking back home, and despite my dad trying to insist three separate times that he’d drive me because it was dark out, I walked it back. My legs are definitely tired, and I’ll definitely be sore tomorrow, but… I think I can do this regularly.

Running has always been a favorite form of exercise for me, but as of late I’ve had more trouble with it than before. I think I inherited my mom’s bad knees – I can’t go for more than a minute or so without my left knee sending pain shooting through my entire leg. … It probably didn’t help that I jogged some while in snow-ish boots instead of running shoes, but…. meh. I’ll stick to walking for now and get the aerobic exercise, and see how I can keep it up.

I’m going to play one more game of League, and then soak in a hot bath before (hopefully) going to sleep. I didn’t sleep at all last night and I’m feeling it. Fingers crossed.