So far, school has been going about as well as I expected it to – which is to say, fairly well.  As far as I know, I’m essentially acing the classes that I signed up for.  I did drop my accounting class – partially because I wasn’t learning the material quickly enough for my taste, and partially because I absolutely hated the way that the instructor was teaching it.

A few weeks ago, I was over at Joe’s house on Wednesday night to hang out and play Smash and such.  His brother Jeff was preoccupied with his laptop, and eventually I wandered over to see what was holding his attention.  He showed me coding that he’d been working on, and mentioned that there was a bug somewhere, and I eagerly pulled up a chair to try and help debug it.  About 10-15 minutes later, we succeeded.  That brief experience was enough to remind me of how much I enjoy coding, and programming.  Now I find something facing a dilemma.  I’d decided to switch to an accounting career path.  Do I look, again, at changing that?  If so, the classes I’m taking this semester could potentially be a huge waste of time and money.  If not, I have to take the accounting class again – and what if I still don’t get it?  What if I don’t like it?  The last thing I want to do is get into a job that I don’t enjoy again.

I’ve put so much pressure on myself to succeed in school.  I have to.  I can’t fail.


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