For whatever reason, I haven’t remembered many of my dreams lately.  That’s a change from how I used to be – it used to be that I’d wake up with a pretty clear memory of my dreams every night.  But that stopped happening at some point, and last night’s dream is the first that I’ve been able to vividly remember for quite some time.

A large number of the MD/VA people were participating in some kind of motorcycle race.  It was a longer one, where we had to ride for quite some time just to get there, and we stopped to check a map, Breath of the Wild-style, multiple times.  The thing that I remember most vividly from the dream was the feeling of being on the motorcycle and really just opening it up.  The feeling of power, of being a part of that, of letting go and losing myself to the experience, was intoxicating.  My mind being what it is, of course, near the end of the dream I passed a couple of police officers (along with everyone else) and it scared me – but they didn’t come after us.  We were about to get on a highway and really go for it when we received notice that one of our members’ race was starting soon.  As we went to turn around and head back to the starting position, I woke up to an insistently beeping pair of alarm clocks. I was late for work.

It was worth it.  Taking motorcycle lessons is something I’ve thought about doing many times in my life, and this might have been the catalyst for me to make it happen.


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